Parking Lot Maintenance Punch List

The most cost-effective solution to maximize the life of almost anything is to keep it in good repair. That notion holds true even when talking about your parking lot.

Parking lot maintenance includes looking after and taking corrective measures for the upkeep of your asphalt. Things to keep on your radar include crack sealing, sealcoating, line stripping, asphalt repair and asphalt patching. The exterior parking lot lighting, fencing, and curbing also fall into this preventative maintenance category. Parking lot maintenance can also extend to include the exterior structure of your building, and encompass items such as graffiti removal, stucco repairs and commercial painting.

Following a simple parking lot maintenance punch list can keep your facilities exterior in top-notch condition. Here’s one that we recommend to our customers:


What to Look Out For

CSG’s Parking Lot Maintenance Punch List

  • Parking Lot Sweeping – Is there trash and debris present on a regular basis?
  • Parking Lot Signage – Are all of the exterior signs present and in good condition?
  • Porter Services – Do the trash bins and cigarette receptacles always seem to be full?
  • Bulk Debris Removal – Is there construction debris, old furniture or appliances present in your parking lot?
  • Graffiti Removal  – Do the walls of your building or parking structure have graffiti?
  • Pressure Washing – Are the sidewalks or walls of your building exceptionally dirty?
  • Hydro-Cleaning – Is your parking garage in need of a good cleaning?
  • Stucco Repair – Are there any spots on your building that are missing chunks of stucco, cracks or patches that need to be repaired?
  • Commercial Painting – Does your facility need to be repainted?
  • Dry Rot Repair – Does any of the wood on the exterior of your building, signs, fencing, or other structures in your parking are have dry rot?
  • Lighting – Are there broken lights in your parking lot or burned out bulbs?
  • Fence Repairs – Is your fence in good condition?
  • Sealcoating and Line Stripping – Can you clearly see the parking lot lines and is your asphalt dark black in color?
  • Asphalt Repairs – Do you have potholes, standing water, or asphalt cracks?
  • Concrete Curbs – Are all of the curbs on your sidewalk in good shape?


Walking the Exterior Saves You Money

On a regular basis, you or your staff should regularly walk the exterior of your building and throughout your parking lot. Signs of deterioration, mold, trash or other items in poor repair not only reflect poorly on your facility, but can also end up costing a lot of money if let go for too long. It’s cheaper to make simple repairs now, than to wait and have to replace or make large repairs later.

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Who Can You Call for Bulk Waste Pickup?

Whether you need to dispose of one refrigerator or a dozen refrigerators, Consolidated Service Group (CSG) offers a simple and convenient way to remove bulk debris from your facility.

Why waste hours loading junk, hauling it to the landfill and then unloading when you can make one phone call and have all of your commercial junk removed?

CSG offers a cost-effective and time saving way to get rid of unwanted bulk waste. Some of the things we will pickup include:
• Appliances – Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.
• Construction Debris – Drywall, wood, carpet, studs, etc.
• Scrap Metal – Bed frames, patio furniture, hot water heaters, pipes, etc.
• Furniture – Sofas, tables, desks, chairs, beds, mattresses and box springs, etc.
• Electronics – TVs, computers, radios, laptops, desktops, monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, etc.
• Batteries – We take any type of vehicle batteries such as cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc.
• Yard Waste/Debris – Tree trimmings, bushes, leaves, old sheds

Detracting from the curb appeal and perhaps even causing safety and liability issues, removing bulk debris from your commercial facility is the smart thing to do. Whether your clean up calls for professionally operated Bobcats, heavy duty dump trucks, industrial grade sweepers or high performance pressure washers, CSG is ready and able to handle your bulk debris removal.

CSG takes pride in being one of the most professional, safe, and environmentally responsible bulk debris removal companies in Florida. Additionally, CSG provides a complete range of commercial building services so our clients have the convenience of working with a single provider for all their commercial property maintenance needs, from bulk debris removal, to sweeping, janitorial, painting, porter services and even asphalt repair, sealcoating and line striping — CSG does it all.

Junk Removal and Bulk Pick Up
If you’re not sure whether or not we will haul away what you have, just contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. If we can haul your bulk debris, we’ll even provide you with a free estimate.

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Pressure Washing Facts You Need to Know

What’s the outside of your building look like? Is it green with mold and mildew? Dirty? Or is there graffiti present? If so, it sounds like it may be in need of a good cleaning by a commercial pressure washing company.

Still on the fence about why you should pressure wash your building? Here are some power washing facts you should know:

  • * Customers often judge a business by the appearance of their buildings. If your buildings exterior is covered in mold, graffiti or peeling paint, your customers may feel that you don’t pay attention to details and your reputation may be tarnished.
  • * Pressure washing is the best way to ensure that the exterior paint on your building will last longer.
  • * Annual pressure washing can extend the life of the exterior paint by as much as three years.
  • * It is much more expensive to repaint a building than it is to pressure wash yearly.
  • * Dirt, grime, and mold and mildew buildup can accelerate wood rot on your buildings exterior. Pressure washing regularly remedies this situation.
  • * Big box hardware stores don’t sell pressure washers capable of performing to maximum efficiency for commercial pressure washing. A professional until can run for hours at carefully regulated pressure settings for optimal cleaning.
  • * Commercial pressure washing companies can effectively and affordably power wash your building to remove mildew, mold, dirt and grime utilizing powerful commercial-grade pressure washers.
  • * Be aware of companies that don’t have the correct insurance, or use inferior methods and cheap cleaning chemicals. Find a professional company with years of experience and a reputation that’s as shiny as the exterior of a newly power washed building.

If you are looking to extend the life of your paint, clean up the exterior of your building, and prevent building damage from mold, mildew and rot, contact Consolidated Service Group (CSG), a professional, commercial pressure washing company. We guarantee all of our work, are licensed and insured and will complete your job on time, within budget and with the attention to detail it deserves.

Exterior Building Maintenance Experts

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) spent the last 20 years building individual companies that specialize in specific commercial exterior building services.  The result is one point of contact that comes with a vast wealth of experience in a variety of commercial facility services.  With offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, CSG’s portfolio of commercial facility services enable our clients the convenience of working with a single provider for all their commercial property needs. Contact CSG today at 866-793-3735 or visit our website at for an online proposal.

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A Day Porter Can Make Your Life Easier

Day porters help commercial property owners and managers maintain and keep commercial facilities clean. Not keeping up with the necessary cleaning and repair, the property will start to show wear and customers will notice the dirt, trash, peeling paint, and dirty restrooms. Given a choice, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Why let such a minor thing drive away your business?

Day porters work in busy, high traffic areas and are able to handle all kinds of cleaning and trash removal. They also can make minor repairs and handle touch up painting needs too.

Scope of Services

As part of a commercial building service company, day porter services can be incorporated into a broader scope of commercial facility maintenance services such as parking lot sweeping, bulk debris removal, pressure washing and commercial painting. By for this article, let’s just take a look at the specific services a day porter usually provides:

* Trash Removal. Removing trash from restrooms, offices, and common areas of a commercial property when needed. Relining trash bins.
* Cleaning. Disinfecting and cleaning of restrooms, kitchen areas, and other general office space cleaning including dusting, cleaning up of spills, wiping down trash bins, tidying newspaper and magazine stands.
* Window Washing. Leaving your windows clean and clear gives your business a great first impression.
* Painting. Touch up painting on walls, trim, and doors.

Virtually everything related to the cleaning and maintenance of public facilities is provided by a day porter service; however, each office space is different so be sure to review your service needs with your facilities maintenance company.

CSG Day Porters are:
* Skilled and knowledgeable about cleaning techniques for a variety of surfaces
* Understand the importance of disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces and know when it is needed
* Understand how to do their jobs efficiently with a minimum of disruption to the customers or clients of the business
* Versed in the proper use of and have good cleaning equipment
* Able to utilize non-chemical cleaners and have access to them
* Able to detect and identify locks, buzzers, outlets, and other small mechanical building items in need of replacement or repair
* Bonded, insured, and licensed
* Able to guarantee customer satisfaction
* Able to collaborate with other maintenance personnel and work well with clients, tenants and customers.

Exterior Building Maintenance Experts

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) spent the last 20 years building individual companies that specialize in specific commercial exterior building services.  The result is one point of contact that comes with a vast wealth of experience in a variety of commercial facility services.  With offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, CSG’s portfolio of commercial facility services enable our clients the convenience of working with a single provider for all their commercial property needs. Contact CSG today at 866-793-3735 or visit our website at for an online proposal.

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Why is Parking Lot Sweeping Important?

Commercial facilities rely on parking lot sweeping service companies to keep their parking areas clean. Not only is a clean parking lot or parking garage good for your business, it’s good for the asphalt and concrete surfaces and good for the environment as well.

Top Four Reasons to Hire a Parking Lot Sweeping Company

1)    The people who enter your building every day are the main reason you should hire a parking lot sweeping company. Commercial sweeping servicer can improve your business. It’s that simple. Studies have shown that the cleanliness of a parking area ranks as a top factor in determining where people shop and conduct business. Taking care of your property is just good business practice and it starts in the parking lot. Those who enter your facility will notice – or more importantly…it’s that they won’t notice! If your customers, visitors and tenants never think about parking lot sweeping, it’s a good thing.

2)    Regular sweeping removes not only trash, such as discarded cans, bottles, cigarette butts, and paper, it also removed abrasive dirt, sand, and other debris, which can shorten the service life of your parking areas pavement, the sealcoating and line striping.

3)    Parking lot sweeping is a Best Management Practice (BMP) for storm water run off. To avoid costly fines associated with non-compliance to local, state and federal environmental regulations, regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping will keep your property compliant. Plus, we all want to minimize pollutants that might otherwise end up in the water we drink, don’t we?

4)    Clean parking lots and parking garages attract fewer disease-carrying rodents and dangerous animals. Protect yourself and your clients from these hazards by hiring an experienced sweeping service company.

Who’s Taking Care of Your Parking Lot?

A detail oriented sweeping company will make sure your job is done to your satisfaction by utilizing the proper equipment and experienced operators.

A Professional Sweeping Company Will Have

* State-of-the-art equipment that has minimal impact on the environment with non-polluting vacuum sweepers and fuel-efficient vehicles.

* Filtered air systems that keep dirty, dusty air from re-entering the environment.

* A team of experienced, professional operators who spend close to 60 percent of their time out of the sweeping unit. This results in a better looking, cleaner parking area.

Exterior Building Maintenance Experts

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) spent the last 20 years building individual companies that specialize in specific commercial exterior building services.  The result is one point of contact that comes with a vast wealth of experience in a variety of commercial facility services.  With offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, CSG’s portfolio of commercial facility services enable our clients the convenience of working with a single provider for all their commercial property needs. Contact CSG today at 866-793-3735 or visit our website at for an online proposal.

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Need Exterior Building Maintenance? Who Are You Gonna Call?

After a nice long relaxing weekend, it’s back to work! As a facilities manager you know you’re going to have a to do list to tackle come Monday morning, but some surprises always come up.

Here are some things our customers tell us they have encountered Monday when arriving at the office:

1) Is Your Parking Lot a Mess?  You drive into the office after a long weekend and see trash tumbling around the parking area.  Some kids must have had a party in your lot because there’s broken glass and empty beer bottles in the back corner of the lot.  You also notice that the parking space lines aren’t as clear as they once were. You do your best to park your car between the faded lines and go inside.

You Need:


2) Do You Have Graffiti and Poor Exterior Conditions? Walking in through the side entrance, you notice on the side of your building someone decided to spray paint a cartoon character and a crude comment. Lovely.  While you’re inspecting the rest of the building you notice a lot of peeling paint in other areas on the building and some dry rot too.

You Need:


3) Has Someone Been Illegally Dumping? At lunchtime you step out to the employee break area to get some fresh air and out of the corner of your eye you see something out of place.  Someone has taken it upon themselves to dump an old couch right next to your dumpster!  Boy, today keeps getting better!

You Need:

Bulk Debris Removal


4) Do You Have Parking Lot Issues?  After a long day, it’s time to go home and it’s pouring rain. You run out to your car, step in a pothole and your favorite pair of shoes is now ruined!

You Need:


5) Where are the signs? Leaving the lot, you realize those kids who had a good time in your parking lot must have decided they needed a handicap parking lot sign and a few other signs because the ones near the entrance to your building are now missing.  You think “Really? Why would anyone do this?”

You Need: 

  • Signs and Safety Devices

As you drive away from the office, don’t feel overwhelmed. You already know a company that can help you with all of your exterior building maintenance; it’s Consolidated Service Group. With one call, you can set up a free consult and have one point of contact to help keep your facility in top working order.  Now go home and get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow, CSG will be at your beck and call!

Exterior Building Maintenance Experts

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) spent the last 20 years building individual companies that specialize in specific commercial exterior building services.  The result is one point of contact that comes with a vast wealth of experience in a variety of commercial facility services.  Contact CSG today.

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Hey! I Didn’t Know Consolidated Service Group Did That!!

While some people are familiar with one or two of our services, it’s rare that a customer or potential new customer knows EVERYTHING that Consolidated Service Group can do. We thought we’d take a few minutes to not only remind you of our long list of exterior building maintenance services but also to point out a few that you may not know about too! After all, we’re focused on helping YOU manage your facility, keep your property in top-notch repair and to do it at an affordable rate.

First, many know Consolidated Service Group as the parking lot sweeping company. That’s not a bad thing as parking lot sweeping is part of the foundation of our company.  But, as 2014 comes to a close, we’re looking forward to 2015 and to provide complete exterior building maintenance services to as many existing and new customers in 2015 as possible – not just parking lot sweeping.

So, what other services do we offer?  We’re glad you asked!


Are these new services?

No, these are not new services! Since 1993 Consolidated Service Group has been expanding its business into the multi-million dollar corporation that it is today.  Our customer base is diverse and we provide services to a wide range of businesses including:

  • – Shopping Centers
  • – Malls
  • – Office Parks
  • – Industrial Parks
  • – Apartment Complexes
  • – Condo Associations
  • – Homeowner Associations
  • – Hotels
  • – Theme Parks
  • – Commercial Property Managers
  • – Developers
  • – Construction Companies


Guess What? We do Stucco Repairs Too!

Now, here’s what you may not know. Did you know we also do stucco repairs?  It’s true!  As a natural fit to our pressure washing and painting services, Consolidated Service Group does stucco repairs as well. Instead of hiring three companies to complete one project, CSG does it all.  We’ll come in and pressure wash your building, make any stucco repairs as needed and then apply a high-quality paint to renew the appearance of your facility.  If your building doesn’t need a complete overhaul – but still needs stucco repairs in a few areas, let us know!  We can take care of that too.

More About Stucco Repairs

Stucco is found in many forms and so widely used that it often goes unnoticed; however, stucco can deteriorate when water infiltrates the building structure – whether it’s through the roof, around chimneys, window and door openings or if excessive ground water is in constant contact with the foundation or walls. Water infiltration will cause wood to rot, metal and nails to rust which eventually will cause stucco to lose its bond and pull away from its substrate. Left in disrepair, not only will the stucco crack and fall off, the structure of the building will begin to rot, rust and deteriorate as well.

Before we begin any stucco repair, we’ll make a complete assessment to determine the extent of the damage, and give you a fair estimate on how much must be replaced or repaired to get your building back in top-notch condition.

Did you know we also repair pole lighting and under canopy lighting?

Outdoor lights in good working order keep you and other safe on your property. When you have an outage, your property can not only appear to be unkempt, but also may encourage vandals, or other unscrupulous activity in your parking lots or around your buildings.  For the safety and security of your tenants, customers, employees and yourself, it’s important to keep up with these types of repairs.

Pole light fixtures require routine maintenance and repair. Our certified electricians handle many clients’ pole light repairs and maintenance every year. If you have an outage, simply call us and one of our electricians will repair your lights in a timely and professional manner.


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What You Need to Know About Exterior Building Maintenance

Building materials deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements. Through routine inspection and regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, facility managers can maintain the value of the asset and extend the useful life of the building.

Don’t Be a Squeaky Wheel-Type

If a facility manager waits until there’s a problem with the exterior of a building to make a repair, it may end up costing them in more ways than one. Lost time, expenditure of repair funds and headaches can be avoided with preventative exterior building maintenance. Regularly inspecting those part of a building that are most likely to get out of working order can alert maintenance personnel to a defect or issue that needs attention before a failure occurs.

Exterior Building Maintenance Checklist

Using a checklist can help a building owner or manager identify and keep an accurate record or inventory of the building’s problems to facilitate systematic repair and maintenance.  Here are some of the items that should be on that exterior building maintenance checklist:

  • Roofs
    • Underside of Roof – Look for water stains and damage on soffit boards, damaged fascia boards. Check to be sure the flashing, which is installed around every protrusion through the roof and at every joint where vertical wall intersects the roof, is not loose, broken or corroded.  Check the gutters to be sure they are free of debris aren’t loose, rusted or missing.  Make repairs when damage is discovered.

    • Exterior Walls
      • Stucco or Plaster – Inspect stucco/plaster for cracks, staining, loose, stucco, soft spots, blisters, or areas where the stucco/plaster has fallen off.
      • Brick, Stone and Mortar – When inspecting the exterior of this type of building look for cracks, stains, wet spots on the walls as well as loose mortar joints.
      • Paint – Signs of peeling, cracking or chipping can indicate the need for exterior painting to protect the building.
      • Mold – In Florida, due to the sub-tropic climate, mold can grow on the exterior of a building, particularly if the building is in a shaded area. Often the building can be pressure washed to easily remove the mold.
      • Graffiti – The inspector should look for signs of graffiti or other vandalism to the exterior walls of the building. Pressure washing and/or painting should be scheduled to return the building to its original state.
      • Wood – Any wood used on the exterior of a building should be inspected for rot, moisture, cracks and missing pieces.
      • Caulk & Weatherstipping – Doors and windows constitute main sources of energy loss of heating and air conditioning. Improperly sealed, they can also enable pests to enter the building. An inspection of the windows and doors should be made to ensure the weatherstripping is in place and that any caulk has not peeled, cracked or been broken away.


    • Exterior Decks
      • Moisture – Moisture problems can cause considerable damage to any exterior deck made of wood. Inspection and replacement should be made of any dry rotted wood.
      • Pests – Wood destroying insects, such as ants and termites, and fungi can wreak havoc on not only an exterior deck, but the entire structure of a building. At first detection of infestation, treatment should begin and damaged materials replaced.


    • Parking Areas
      • Driveways and Sidewalks – Inspector should look for signs of cracks or deterioration of paved surfaces, pools of water, and any safety hazards.  Potholes should be repaired, asphalt cracks sealed and any broken concrete curbs or sidewalks should be replaced.
      • Debris Removal – Dumpsters should be regularly emptied and excess bulk debris removed.
      • Parking Garage – Parking garages should be inspected for trash build-up. Additionally, the inspector should look for oil stains, chemical spills and other stains – these can be easily removed using hydro-cleaning equipment.
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Why Should You Empty Garbage Dumpsters Frequently

Over the years some property managers have decided to cut back on the frequency of which their garbage service provider hauls away trash from their facility. Sure, they may have saved a few bucks from that line item in the budget, but are they REALLY saving that money?

When surveyed, customers and visitors to office buildings and retail establishments note the top reasons why they continue to frequent the businesses that they do. In the top five were safety and cleanliness of the facility.

Those companies that cut back on their garbage removal are doing themselves a disservice, and here’s why:  As trash piles up in dumpsters, the smell and the visual appeal of your facility drops down, way down.

What Happens When You Have Infrequent Trash Removal

Tenants that have nowhere to dump their trash except on the ground beside the dumpster will do just that – leave it on the ground. Then, to make matters worse, the garbage company comes to make its removal and the dumpster is now overflowing.  When the dumpster is lifted into the air, the excess debris falls all over the parking lot.


To add insult to injury, the garbage company is not responsible for what is on the ground – only what is in the dumpster. So, now this is another headache the so-called thrifty property manager has created for himself or herself.

In an effort to save a few bucks they now have a dirty parking lot that will need more frequent parking lot sweeping. They’ll need more hours dedicated to porter services to deal with the trash laying around the dumpster area and, depending on how bad the situation gets, they may end up needing to pay for bulk debris removal too.  Plus, if left long enough, bugs and critters will begin to appear more frequently.  The money “saved” on hauling trash has now increased pest control, maintenance personnel’s extra time, more exterior building service costs and all of this mess has probably chased away a few customers, tenants or clients too.

Put a Plan in Place

The best way to manage your facility in a cost-effective manner is to keep on top of things and to have a complete maintenance plan in place that covers your facilities needs without breaking the budget.  Consolidated Service Group can provide a customized exterior building maintenance plan for that will manage your needs and keep your tenants, customers and other visitors to your facility safe and happy.  Some of the services we offer are:  parking lot sweeping, porter services, bulk debris removal, pressure washing, painting, stucco repairs, pole lighting and under canopy lighting, pothole repairs, sealcoating, and line striping.

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Why You Should Outsource Facilities Maintenance?

Facility managers are under increasing pressure to lower operating costs by utilizing best practices, advanced technologies and best use of assets. In today’s environment, outsourcing facilities maintenance makes good financial sense and here’s why: It’s cheaper (and you get better results).

In-house staff cost more than their salary!
A common mistake made by companies is to overlook the soft costs of in-house facilities management such as:
• Human resources costs related to facilities maintenance employees,
• IT and software costs for supporting those employees,
• Costs for issuing purchase orders, paying bills, and managing facility budgets,
• Legal expenses for drafting and administering vendor contracts.
By outsourcing your facilities maintenance, these costs evaporate and staff time is freed up to concentrate on other tasks.

Need another reason?
In addition to reducing operating costs, outsourcing your facilities maintenance can improve your overall maintenance services too. Contracting with a company whose core business is facilities maintenance means they are the experts at just that! These professionals are trained to perform the services they are tasked. Whether you need stucco repaired or light fixtures changed, graffiti removed or toiled unclogged, these highly trained professions can resolve most any maintenance issue. More than just handymen, building maintenance professionals offer a high range of building engineering services.

So, just think, no longer will you worry about if your parking lot has potholes, or if the lobby is clean or if the building needs painting. Just think of the weight that will be lifted!

How to outsource your facilities maintenance
1) Identify the specific facilities maintenance activities to outsource.
2) Contact your facilities maintenance provider.
3) Together, set the service levels and reasonable response times for each service.

Your FM Partner
With more than 20 years in the facilities maintenance industry, Consolidated Service Group will work with your organization to develop a customized facilities maintenance program for your company. Contact us today for a free quote and together we can start measuring our success!

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