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Corporate Headquarters
3416 Shader Rd. Ste.100
Orlando, FL 32808
Orlando: 407-298-0911
Fax : 407-298-9481

Regional Offices
3606 E. 9th Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33605
Tampa: 813-243-3023
Fax : 813-243-3043

3320 Lenox Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32254
Jacksonville: 904-731-5169
Fax: 904-731-5184

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) provides Florida businesses with commercial building maintenance services ranging from simple to complex jobs and everything in between. More than just handymen, our building maintenance professionals offer a high range of building engineering services.

Such institutions as shopping centers, luxury hotels, office properties, colleges and universities, schools, theme parks, corporate facilities and others, utilize CSG’s commercial building maintenance services.

In recent years cleaning and maintenance budgets of commercial companies have been tightening while the demand for these types of services continues to grow. Many businesses are faced with the decision of outsourcing with a building maintenance contractor. The primary reasons for outsourcing include unavailable internal resources and reducing or controlling operating costs. Therefore, hiring the right Florida commercial building maintenance company can be a cost-efficient way of assembling and maintaining a crew of maintenance staff.

Whether you need a wall painted, light fixtures changed, stucco repaired or graffiti removed – CSG is a reputable Florida commercial building maintenance company that can offer highly trained staff to perform mechanical and electrical repairs and resolve overall maintenance issues.

While these jobs can be outsourced individually to independent contractors, it can become an overwhelming task to keep track of the many different tasks that need to be contracted to numerous different companies. A faster, more cost-effective option would be to trust in CSG, a Florida building maintenance provider, that can tackle all these diverse components so you only consult with one particular company – saving you time and money.

With CSG one call truly does it all.