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Jacksonville general contractors don’t just build big skyscrapers. Often Jacksonville general contractors are tasked with office and commercial renovation, demolition and custom building smaller offices for corporations. Although many of these types of commercial GC projects are considered light commercial, sometimes they require the same amount of preparation as the bigger construction jobs.

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) is able to provide Jacksonville general contracting services through our partner Ben Benkarian. He is the COO of AFS General Contracting.

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What CSG Can Do

When Renovating
Details Are Important

Some of the most commonly overlooked things when planning and budgeting for a commercial renovation are:

  • Inspecting and knowing the age and operating condition of all mechanical and electrical systems.
  • The condition of the building and its ability to support any renovations.
  • The quality of the existing utilities.
  • The accuracy of past site evaluations.
  • Any historic elements or concerns.

A preliminary site evaluation, by a qualified Jacksonville general contractor will uncover some of the potential obstructions in completing the renovation plan; however, some conditions may not be discovered until walls are taken down or a more thorough inspection of the electrical or plumbing is completed. This is why it is important to have some money set aside for contingency plans and renovations.

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Tenant Build Out

No matter what the structure of the tenant build-out, your project is only as good as your Jacksonville general contractor. After all, the Jacksonville general contractor is responsible for the workmanship of the construction, ensuring that all items on the punch list are complete and accurate, and that any updated drawings or changes are handled in the proper manner. Finally, the Jacksonville general contactor is responsible for meeting budgetary constraints and keeping the project on a specific timeline.

Whether your industry is retail, office space, healthcare, education, science & technology, government or one of dozens of other industries, you can count on CSG, the leading Florida general contractor, to solve your greatest challenges.

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