A clean and safe work environment is critical to the people that work in an office building and their clients that visit. The first impression of a business is often formed during a visit the facility. A parking lot filled with potholes, and overflowing trashcans, dirty restrooms and overall disrepair reflect poorly on the business. For an office, facilities maintenance is crucial to maintaining a happy and healthy work place as well as a great first impression.

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CSG Office Building Maintenance and General Contracting Services

When the windows and windowsills get dirty, the trash needs emptying and the paint on the interior and the exterior of the building starts to look dull and scuffed up, it is important to have an office maintenance company ready, willing and able to restore your premises to a spotless environment. CSG performs a multitude of tasks to keep your office building immaculate while controlling property maintenance costs.

CSG can provide the following maintenance services for your office building, inside and out:

interior design

Interior Property Maintenance

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Exterior Property Maintenance

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Porter Services


Janitorial Services


Pressure Washing

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Painting Services

What About Your Parking Lot or Garage?

Keeping up the physical condition of the parking lot or garage that is used by the office
staff is important not only for the safety of the pedestrians and the vehicular traffic,
but also to maintain the value of the property.

If someone dumps an old sofa in the back corner of your parking lot, it quickly becomes an
eyesore and can lead to other dumping making your office appear to be unkempt. Graffiti covered
 parking garages or mold and gum covered sidewalks give a disheveled appearance to your office space.
Pothole ridden parking lots with yesterday’s fast food containers blowing around are elements that
are pleasing to anyone. Having an office facilities maintenance contractor keep on top of these
maintenance tasks to keep your office parking area free from debris, with a clean, fresh
appearance is key to keeping property values up.

CSG can provide the following services for your office parking area:

  • Parking Lot Maintenance Service
  • Sweeping Services
  • Pressure Washing
  • Hydro-Cleaning
  • Bulk Debris Removal
  • Asphalt Repair Services
  • Sealcoating & Line Striping Services
  • Asphalt Guard

Service Spotlight: General Contracting

Have you outgrown your current office space? Maybe it is time to build your own office? CSG general contracting services can help you from design engineering to the moment you are handed the keys. CSG will keep your new office build on time and within budget and will ensure you are completely satisfied with your new space.

Implementing construction solutions for projects of all sizes, CSG offers a wide range of general contracting services. Whether you’re looking to renovate, repair, build-out or construct a new building, CSG is the only contractor you need to know. CSG is capable of successfully completing virtually every conceivable kind of job. You’ll soon find, we’re small enough to listen, yet large enough to complete your construction project correctly, no matter what your project entails!

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