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Tampa asphalt repair experts like Consolidated Service Group (CSG) will repair cracked asphalt and the potholes in your parking lot to prevent accidents or damage to the vehicles and pedestrians visiting your facility. Tampa asphalt repairs such as potholes and cracks should be fixed in a timely manner to prevent further deterioration of the asphalt pavement.

If you own or manage a facility in Tampa asphalt repairs for a large commercial parking lot can easily be managed and fixed by hiring a Tampa asphalt repair company. Most asphalt contractors will offer several types of services such as asphalt repair, asphalt removal and asphalt resurfacing.

Keep in mind that the rule of thumb to go by is this: if Tampa pavement repairs are required for more than twenty-five percent of the entire pavement area, it will be more economical to overlay the entire surface. Your paving and sealcoating company representative can help you make that determination.

A more specialized Tampa asphalt repair company not only can repair asphalt, but can perform the initial asphalt paving as well as provide sealcoating and line striping – two important types of asphalt services.

Make Tampa Asphalt Repairs Early

To keep asphalt pavement in good order, it needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Without proper sealcoating, asphalt will begin to show signs of wear from oxidation, water and other chemical penetration. The signs of serious asphalt failure case include interconnecting cracks and depressions on the pavement, more commonly called potholes. The best plan of action for Tampa asphalt repairs is to make them as soon as an issue is spotted.

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How a Pothole is Formed?

A pothole is formed when the asphalt deteriorates. Fine hairline cracks appear on the asphalt pavement due to exposure to weather elements such as the hot Florida sun and heavy rain. If not kept in good repair, the water will seep through these small cracks and can then develop into large potholes. Once formed, a pothole can accumulate water in it causing more damage. Over time, the substrate will be undermined resulting in an expensive asphalt repair.

Potholes are a hazard to both people and vehicles. They can cause pedestrians to accidently fall and get injured and they can also damage the tires and suspension of the vehicles passing over them.

When to Make Repairs or Replace

Tampa asphalt repairs may also be necessary when your parking lot’s pavement isn’t structurally sound. In the initial design and installation, your parking lot may not have been designed for heavy loads. Frequently deliveries to bays at the back of your warehouse or retail center or garbage trucks frequenting an area may not have been in the original plan during the installation of the asphalt pavement. Any area of the surface of the asphalt that is either heaved up or depressed down should be completely reconstructed starting from the base.

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