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Choose a Professional Tampa Parking Garage Pressure Washing

Selecting the best Tampa parking garage pressure washing company may not be as easy as it sounds. Your job may be too big for the small time handyman, or too small for the larger services. So, you’ll want to ask some important questions of you parking garage pressure cleaning service to make sure you have found the right fit.

1)  Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Be sure to ask around!  Surely there are other facility management people you know. Who do they use? Are they satisfied with their current Tampa parking garage pressure washing contractor?

2)  Set an appointment with your potential Tampa parking garage pressure washing company. They should be willing and able to come to your site and give you an estimate, in writing.  Being present during their inspection of your facility ensures you both in agreement as to the work required.

3)  Ask if the Tampa parking garage pressure washing company is bonded and has liability coverage. Verifying this type of coverage will ensure that you’re covered for any damage or injuries that may occur. It’s a must have for any Tampa parking garage cleaning washing company you work with.

4)  Check references.  If you have found a Tampa parking garage pressuring washing company through the internet or other means, it’s a good idea to check references. A bad sign would be them not being able to provide any! And, be sure to call a few of the one they provide.

5)  Determine the best value.  After receiving bids from several Tampa parking garage pressure washing contractors, decide which company offers the best value. It’s not always the lowest bid that will be the best fit for the job or actually will win the job.  Sometimes you need to trust your gut too. Can you trust this contractor? Does he have the proper equipment and staff to perform the job? Do you believe he will provide you with the best service?

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) will take the headache out of maintaining your commercial, retail, municipal or industrial property, providing the solutions you need quickly and efficiently. And unlike some fly by night “maintenance companies,” we have the experience and expertise to deliver professional, environmentally friendly parking garage pressure cleaning that will impress your customers and investors, as well as retain the value of your property.

To have an estimator come out to your facility to give you a free quote, simply call us or complete an online contact form. We will be happy to respond and get out to your property as soon as possible. 

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