Shopping centers of all sizes require a comprehensive approach to regular maintenance. Consolidated Service Group offers a wide range of shopping mall maintenance services in Tampa. When our specialists handle your maintenance needs, you don’t have to worry about high costs, downtime, and unexpected building integrity issues.

The key to high-quality shopping center maintenance is consistency, maintenance schedule, and high-quality equipment. CSG has all that along with extensive experience and a set of additional services, including general contracting.

If you want your shopping center to look stellar all year round, contact our team whenever it’s convenient.

Tampa Shopping Center Maintenance Company

Consolidated Service Group provides a full set of shopping center maintenance services. Depending on your individual needs, we can design a maintenance program for your shopping center or rental property. Besides taking care of the building, we can maintain its territory, including the parking lot.

Main maintenance services provided by our company include:

General Building Repairs

Everything that has to do with daily wear and tear, including plumbing and electricity problems.

General Building Repairs
Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Services

Keeping your territory clean is an integral part of a stellar reputation. Power washing is one of the fastest and most effective methods to ensure the top appearance of your shopping center.

CSG offers power washing services as part of its Tampa shopping mall maintenance package. You can take advantage of:

  • Sidewalk pressure washing
  • Curb pressure washing
  • Building pressure washing
  • Parking garage pressure washing

The key benefits of pressure washing are speed, eco-friendliness, and quality. We can take care of your entire territory without risking any damage. CSG has all the necessary equipment to provide smooth and fast power washing services.

Graffiti Removal

Removing graffiti from shopping center walls is one of the most complex shopping mall maintenance tasks. Our team has the right equipment and experience to battle the graffiti problem and keep your building clean.

Graffiti Removal 1


Regular painting services are an integral part of any Tampa shopping mall maintenance schedule. Our painting team is always on standby to provide much-needed painting and refreshing services.

Bulk Trash Removal

We take care of your garbage removal arrangement to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day work.

Bulk Trash Removal

If you want to focus on your daily tasks without looking back at building maintenance, CSG can arrange regular services. Our teams take on complex shopping center projects in Tampa to make sure that your business always puts its best foot forward.

As one of the leading shopping mall maintenance companies in Tampa, we focus on customer satisfaction and help your mall look and function at its top capacity.

Tampa Shopping Center Maintenance: Territory Cleaning and Repair

Besides keeping your shopping center in excellent shape, Consolidated Service Group can also take care of the surrounding territory. If you have an asphalt parking lot, it can require a variety of services.

CSG can take care of several important tasks, including:

  • Sealcoating – a sealcoat is the key to keeping asphalt parking lots in excellent shape and avoiding costly repair and replacement. Depending on the traffic, your parking lot may require resealing every one or two years. CSG can set a schedule and apply a sealcoat accordingly.
  • Line striping – lines on your parking lot ensure the safety of your customers and clients. Since markings fade over time, it’s important to reapply them regularly.
  • Asphalt repairs – asphalt is one of the most convenient materials for parking lots and surrounding mall territory. However, it requires regular maintenance. We arrange timely repairs of small damages before they turn into larger problems that warrant replacement.

When we work on your parking lot and territory, we try to minimize inconvenience to your workers and clients. Our team ensures access whenever possible in order to avoid downtime and allow you to proceed with daily tasks.

Reasons to Consider Professional Tampa Shopping Mall Maintenance

Taking care of your shopping mall appearance involves a comprehensive set of tasks that cover repair, cleaning, and damage prevention. Only professional commercial companies that offer shopping mall maintenance can make sure you meet your maintenance goals without overpaying.

Consolidated Service Group has been providing shopping center maintenance services in Tampa for many years. We also specialize in construction and tenant build-outs. If you want to ensure speed, quality, and consistency for your shopping mall maintenance project, please contact us at any convenient time.



How do Tampa commercial shopping center maintenance companies ensure the cleanliness of the premises?

CSG employs a skilled team of professionals and state-of-the-art equipment. We conduct regular inspections and follow a stringent checklist to ensure top-notch cleanliness standards.

How do Tampa commercial shopping center maintenance companies differ in their approach compared to residential maintenance firms?

We specialize in handling the unique challenges posed by high-footfall areas. Unlike residential firms, we deploy larger teams, specialized machinery and tailor our schedules to the shopping center’s peak times.

What should property managers look for when hiring Tampa commercial shopping center maintenance companies?

Property managers should prioritize companies with a strong track record, like CSG, that offer comprehensive services, possess proper certifications, and demonstrate commitment to timely and quality work.

How do Tampa commercial shopping center maintenance companies handle emergency situations or repairs?

CSG has a dedicated 24/7 emergency response team. In case of any unforeseen issues, our team is trained to respond promptly and efficiently to minimize disruptions.

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