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Graffiti is an act of vandalism that costs thousands of dollars to remediate. Orlando graffiti removal experts, Consolidated Service Group (CSG) understand that graffiti is detrimental to neighborhoods, shopping centers, and the community at large. Areas characterized by graffiti are seen as less appealing to people looking to buy or rent property. Having an effective and timely Orlando graffiti removal and abatement program in place, your property and community can be better maintained and kept in pristine condition. A graffiti-free building will help prevent vandals from receiving the recognition they seek and reduce the likelihood it will spread to neighboring buildings and facilities.

Professional Graffiti Removal Services in Orlando

SG is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and has local offices in Tampa and Jacksonville. CSG provides Orlando graffiti removal through various methods including pressure washing, hydro-cleaning, priming and painting.

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Graffiti Affects Everyone

Graffiti affects the entire community, a citizen’s sense of safety, and it costs private property owners and business owners time and money to make repairs and return the property to it’s original condition.

CSG strives to provide solutions that enhance the quality of life in the local communities served. The CSG team is committed to operating in a way that recognizes the impact these services can have on the environment. We provide exceptional solutions to any client, big or small, by dispatching experienced, well-trained graffiti removal techs and utilizing the greenest solutions possible.

We Can Help With Graffiti Removal in Orlando

Outsource your Orlando graffiti removal to CSG today and cross this tedious, time-consuming facilities maintenance task off your list. CSG has been saving clients hundreds of hours of manual labor restoring commercial properties to their original condition for many, many years. Take advantage of our knowledge and decades of experience.

Yes! We do Graffiti Removal in Orlando, FL

CSG has two main goals with the Orlando graffiti removal services we offer. Bring the facility back to like-new condition and to save our clients time and money. Many exterior building maintenance companies may not include graffiti removal in their service offering, but CSG does. That’s not all! CSG takes a holistic approach to commercial facilities maintenance. The entire CSG team is committed, trained and experienced in providing clients with numerous interior and exterior building maintenance tasks including graffiti removal. CSG offers clients a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

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Have a Small Facilities Project – Call Us!

CSG has a full staff of professional services technicians along with a complete office staff to expedite our Orlando graffiti removal service. No graffiti removal job is too big.

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