Sidewalk Pressure Washing

A clean sidewalk is essential to keeping tenants, customers and visitors to your property happy and healthy. Sidewalk pressure washing is just one of the many facilities maintenance tasks that Consolidated Service Group (CSG) can handle for you.

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Mold and Mildew on Your Sidewalks

Graffiti affects the entire community, a citizen’s sense of safety, and it costs private property owners and business owners time and money.

CSG is deeply immersed in providing solutions that enhance the quality of life in the local communities served, The CSG team is committed to operating in a way that recognizes the impact these services have on the environment. CSG provide solutions to any client, big or small, by dispatching experienced, passionate graffiti removal techs and utilizing the greenest solutions possible.

Contact the Pros

Be sure to only let experienced sidewalk pressure washing contractors with the proper cleaning tools near your property. At the minimum, the results will be mediocre and at worst, damage could occur.

CSG’s team of highly trained and experienced sidewalk pressure washing techs utilize the latest, high quality equipment to produce professional results every time.

Sidewalk Pressure Washing is Preventative Maintenance

Having your sidewalks pressure washed as part of your regular preventative maintenance plan is a good idea. It’s a very economical way to add curb appeal and increase the value of your property. Additionally, you’ll save on carpet cleaning expenses by keeping the outdoor sidewalks leading to your lobby’s and entrances free from excess dirt and thus being tracked into your facility.

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Not Just a Pressure Washing Company

CSG’s staff of uniformed sidewalk pressure washing professionals provide you with the extra value of being part of a full service Property Maintenance company. If one of our techs is on your property and he or she notices a maintenance issue that needs attention, they will let someone know. Plus, that new issues isn’t just another thing you’ll need to fix, CSG offers a full suite of maintenance services, not just sidewalk pressure washing.
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