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CSG is an experienced hotel and resort maintenance provider. From creating and implementing a preventative maintenance plan to taking over an existing one, CSG is your number one choice for facilities maintenance for hotels and resorts.

CSG Keeps Your Guest Coming Back

It takes hotel and resort guests just seconds to form an initial impression of a property. Guests may take note of the condition of the parking lot, signage, carpet, and décor and in particular, the smell. Your property is being judged from the moment the guest arrives.

With CSG as your hotel and resort maintenance contractor, you can put your mind to rest about those first impressions. CSG is a long-term solution that will have a positive impact in the short term by lowering operational expenses and educing the likelihood of major unplanned repairs. Clients who have taken advantage of our hotel and resort maintenance services enjoy repeat business from their guests and continue to be profitable due in large part to the great impression a guest receives when staying at their property. CSG is proud to have play such a large part in these first impressions.

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Let CSG Complete Your
Hotel & Resort Maintenance

Here’s a list of some of the most common hotel and resort maintenance items CSG can help you with.
While past hotel maintenance personnel may have overlooked these items, your guests and CSG will not:

  • Worn, Broken and/or Missing Parking Lot Signs
  • Potholes and/or Poorly Marked Parking Stalls
  • Bulk Debris or Trash Strewn Throughout Parking Lot or Garage
  • Graffiti or Peeling Paint on Outside of Hotel or Resort
  • Missing or Rotted Soffits
  • Outages of Exterior Lights
  • Gum, Dirt and/or Mold on Sidewalks
  • Overflowing Trash Cans and Ash Tray Receptacles
  • Dirty Windows and Entrance Doors
  • Stained Carpeting
  • Bad Smells
  • Broken Door Locks
  • Leaking or Broken Bathroom Fixtures
  • Mold, Mildew and Soap in Showers
  • Damaged Walls in Need of Repair and Paint
  • Missing or Scuffed Moldings
  • Broken Floor Tiles
  • Loose Railings
  • Visible Water Damage
  • Non-working Room Refrigerators
  • Poor or Non-operational Hallway Lighting

Service Spotlight: Porter Services for Hotels and Resorts

Day porters perform invaluable, timesaving services and are an excellent way to control property maintenance costs.

CSG’s high touch hotel and resort day porter services complement high tech sweeping services, which CSG also offers. CSG porters walk parking lots during the daytime hours to police areas for trash, scrape gum, remove cigarette butts from flowerbeds and wipe down trashcans.

Performing exterior janitorial services and providing a wealth of beneficial services to resorts and hotels throughout Florida, CSG porters utilize a comprehensive porter service checklist, which addresses the most common cleaning concerns. This checklist, of course, can be modified to meet the needs of the individual property. CSG offers daily porter services on a flat hourly rate, daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

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