Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Since 1993 Consolidated Service Group (CSG) has been expanding its business into the multi-million dollar corporation that it is today. Many people know that CSG’s roots are in the parking lot sweeping services. Today, CSG’s service offering continues to include power sweeping services, but also a wide range of other interior and exterior Property Maintenance services.

Who Needs Parking Lot Power Sweeping?

CGS’s client base has also grown to include a diverse mix of business types such as:

Shopping Centers


Office Parks

Industrial Parks

Apartment Complexes

Condo Associations

Homeowner Associations


Theme Parks

Commercial Property Mangers


Construction Companies

Parking lot sweeping cleans litter, dirt, and rubbish from your property’s parking area using state-of-the-art sweeping equipment mounted on customized trucks. A power sweeper can blow litter off sidewalks and blow behind wheel stops plus other hard to reach areas. Sweepings are vacuumed up and transferred to large roll-off containers that are disposed of in licensed landfills.

Other CSW Parking Lot Sweeping
Services Include:

Sweep of curb-lines, corners and other areas where trash tends to accumulate “Patrol” sweep open parking lots and driveways, picking up trash where it has fallen Sidewalk cleaning, if necessary, by hand. Plus CSG sweeping techs manually touch-up corners with a hand blower or broom and dustpan!

CSG perform power sweeping of parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks and various exterior sites daily. CSG crews work around the clock, but most commercial sweeping is performed after business hours.

Top Quality Parking Lot Sweeping Services

There is a reason why CSG is such a highly respected parking lot power sweeping services contractor in the State of Florida. Business owners and facilities managers with high standards know they can count on CSG to do the job right the first time. With the CSG fleet of innovative cleaning equipment and a large group of quality conscious team members, CSG stands read to serve Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa area clients professionally, promptly and with the utmost quality. Contact us today with your service or request.

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