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When it comes to home improvement many choose to become “do it yourselfers” and get the job done but for larger projects like commercial facilities, retail establishments, or apartment complexes, going about it on your own, even if you have a maintenance staff, may not be the most cost effective method. A professional with the skill and know how to not just get the job done, but done right. Tampa building pressure washing is one of those jobs that is better left to the pros and there are a few reasons why:

  • You have limited staff hours. Why use up all of your staff’s hours on the mundane task of Tampa building pressure washing. There are probably dozens of tasks that your staff could be taking care of right now, why have them stand outside in the hot Florida sun pressure washing a Tampa building?
  • The professionals whose full time job is to perform Tampa building pressure washing have all the latest, commercial grade equipment. Chances are you facility doesn’t have top-notch pressure washing equipment including the power washer, the scaffolding necessary to reach higher floors, and the safety gear for your employees. Why buy or rent equipment that won’t do a great job?
  • It’s cost effective. Having a Tampa building pressure washing company handle your exterior building maintenance just makes good financial sense. Not only does it save staffing hours, it saves your time in scheduling the task. With Consolidated Service Group (CSG), one call does it all. Plus, keeping your building’s exterior in good working condition will head off costly repairs down the road.
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A Well-Maintained Property Needs Tampa Building Pressure Washing

Facilities maintenance is necessary obviously for the aesthetic value or curb appeal and the “look” of a well-maintained property.  In addition, a regularly scheduled maintenance program can prolong the life of a facilities building structure and even the pavement, thereby delaying costly resurfacing expenses. Remember, preventative measures can help you to save a lot of money in the future! Hire a Tampa building pressure washing contractor and let them handle the dirty work!

Things You May Not Know About Tampa Building Pressure Washing

* By simply performing Tampa building pressure washing, you can extend the life of the exterior paint of your facility by as much as three years.

* Did you know it’s much more expensive to repaint a building than it is to pressure wash it each year?

* If the exterior of your facility has dirt, grime, mold and mildew buildup, this can accelerate wood rot on your buildings exterior. Tampa building Pressure washing regularly remedies this situation.

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