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When it comes to property and facility maintenance there is not one solution for every project, but fortunately there is an easy way to get all of you facilities maintenance jobs done with one call. One of the leading facilities maintenances companies in Florida is Consolidated Service Group (CSG). The services provided by CSG are tailored to fit your budget, time span, and other preferences whether the job be big, small, or somewhere in between.

More than just handyman who may or may not get the job done, at CSG the company’s employees put time and care into each one of their service calls to ensure satisfaction. The attention to detail, of the highly trained staff, and willingness to work in even the most
difficult situations, make CSG a cut above the rest when it comes to interior and exterior maintenance.

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Our Facility Maintenance Services in Florida:

Convenient and Smart Property & Facility Maintenance in Florida

Throughout the state of Florida, CSG has created the type of reputation that a company is proud to stand behind. With a convenient and smart option of working with one provider for a multitude of services, CSG has been providing unparalleled attention to detail since 1995. CSG can satisfy even the most demanding clients, including luxury hotels, trophy office properties, colleges and universities, schools, theme parks and corporate facilities.

Let CSG Create a Preventative Facility
Maintenance Plan For You

Preventive maintenance is actually a very important part of
facilities management. The goal of a successful preventive
maintenance program is to establish consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of the assets under your control – including your building, your equipment and your property.

The implementation of a preventative facility maintenance program can be time consuming and costly. These factors can create constant debate a to whether a preventative maintenance program is worth having. Will all the man-hours and money invested in such a program outweigh emergency repairs? In a word, YES.

CSG has years of experience in working with facility managers and in creating a preventative building maintenance plan for you with ease. Other CSG clients can tell you, and CSG firmly believes that when properly managed, a preventative maintenance plan and its benefits exceed the costs (and the headaches) of only making emergency repairs.

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One Call Does it All

Whether you manager a manufacturing warehouse, retail establishment, hotel, place of worship, or an office building, having a property maintenance company manage all of your commercial property maintenance is key to making your life easier!

Peeling paint and graffiti-laced exteriors, mechanical and electrical issues, dirty floors, windows and unsanitary restrooms appeal to no one – not your tenants, not their customers, no one. Maintaining the exterior and interior of a
facility is important to sustaining customer satisfaction, keeping high safety standards and retaining the value of your asset.

Take a look around your facility. Sure, you may see these four walls every day, but what are your tenants seeing? What safety issues are you not seeing? Are there any little maintenance tasks that can be taken care of now to prevent
them from turning into big and costly issues?

Need property & facility maintenance help?

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