If you own or rent a shopping center in Jacksonville, you are worried about proper maintenance. Without due attention, your building and the surrounding territory can lose their appeal, experience downtime, and eventually affect your business’s bottom line.

High-quality shopping mall maintenance in Jacksonville isn’t always easy to arrange. With a wide range of required services, many companies end up hiring several service providers. This causes extra expenses, takes up more time, and eventually leads to less-than-satisfactory results.

How Consolidated Service Group Can Help

Consolidated Service Group is the leading shopping mall maintenance company in Jacksonville. Our team offers a variety of Jacksonville shopping center maintenance services that involve cleaning and repairing your property and the territory around it.

If you choose to work with CSG, you won’t have to search for numerous service providers to take good care of your shopping center. Our company offers a comprehensive set of Jacksonville shopping center maintenance services to make sure your business runs without interruptions.

Jacksonville Shopping Center Maintenance Company

CSG has been working in the Florida market for many years. From construction to maintenance, we offer a wide range of services for business owners and landlords around the state. If you need to keep your shopping center in top shape, we can take care of it easily.

Our specialists have all the necessary equipment and experience to ensure top-notch shopping mall maintenance results. We work quickly and carefully in order to ensure smooth operations without any interruptions.

Here are just a few shopping center maintenance services that we offer to our Jacksonville clients:

General Building Repairs

All general building repairs related to the day-to-day operations of your shopping center become our responsibility. Blown fuses, plumbing issues, and leaks can be repaired on the spot. We can monitor the condition of your buildings and give repair recommendations in advance.

If you believe that your building is in poor shape, we can inspect the property and make immediate repairs. If you are renting a part of the shopping center, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary permissions for major repairs.

General Building Repairs
Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Services

Keeping your shopping center and its territory clean is the key to high-quality maintenance. At CSG, we provide comprehensive power washing services, including:

  • Sidewalk pressure washing
  • Curb pressure washing
  • Building pressure washing
  • Parking garage pressure washing

The main benefits of power washing are speed and efficiency. Meanwhile, the absence of harsh chemicals makes it eco-friendly. CSG uses the latest equipment to ensure top power washing results.

Graffiti Removal

Removing graffiti is one of the toughest parts of shopping mall maintenance. It requires a professional approach that removes the dirt without damaging the building. Our graffiti removal experts know exactly what needs to be done to get rid of unwanted drawings and debris in order to uphold your mall’s integrity and excellent appearance.

Since we offer comprehensive painting services, we can easily paint over graffiti to ensure a brand-new fresh look.

Graffiti Removal 1


Let us help you keep your shopping center looking its best! Our team evaluates the quality of paint used and will create a custom-tailored painting schedule to fit around your needs. Keep up with business as usual knowing that our services won’t interfere – we promise minimal disruption while refreshing the appearance of your mall.

Bulk Trash Removal

Shopping center trash removal can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires a variety of arrangements. At CSG, we take care of all related tasks and make sure the garbage is always gone on time.

Our team works hard and fast to achieve top results without disturbing the client. While we work, your shopping center can continue functioning as usual.

Bulk Trash Removal

Jacksonville Shopping Mall Maintenance: Parking Lot and Territory

While taking care of the shopping center building is important, parking lots and surrounding territory warrant the same attention. With the right approach to maintenance, your shopping mall property can look great inside and out.

To take care of your parking lots and other asphalt surfaces, CSG can provide:

  • Power Sweeping Services
  • Sealcoating services
  • Line striping
  • Asphalt repair

In many cases, improper maintenance leads to repaving parking lots and surrounding territories. This is an expensive and lengthy process that can easily interfere with your operations. Repairing problems and cleaning your parking lot on time can be a significant money-saver.

Shopping Center Window Washing in Jacksonville

Window cleaning is an essential part of shopping mall maintenance in Jacksonville. Since dirty windows immediately hinder the appearance of the entire building, timely window washing is a must.

Our team of experienced window washers can reach hard-to-access areas and clean windows outdoors and indoors. Our specialists undergo safety training and work with top safety equipment according to OSHA regulations.

Why CSG?

Besides shopping center maintenance, Consolidated Service Group offers other types of services, including porter services, general contracting, tenant build-outs, and much more. Contact us to learn more about our offer at any convenient time.



How do the costs of hiring Jacksonville commercial shopping center maintenance companies compare to managing maintenance in-house?

While managing maintenance in-house might seem cost-effective initially, hiring experts like us ensures professional care, reduced liabilities, and often turns out to be more cost-efficient in the long run due to our expertise and efficiency.

What are the environmental or sustainability practices commonly adopted by Jacksonville commercial shopping center maintenance companies?

At CSG, we’re committed to the environment. We use eco-friendly products and adopt sustainable practices whenever possible in our operations.

What are the most common challenges faced by Jacksonville commercial shopping center maintenance companies in their operations?

Some challenges include staying updated with the latest maintenance technologies, managing large-scale operations efficiently, and ensuring 100% client satisfaction. But our seasoned team at CSG handles these seamlessly.

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