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All buildings require regular maintenance to prevent them from deteriorating, but a parking garage needs regular attention because they face harsher conditions than most other structures. Parking garages are exposed to the environmental elements such as wind, rain, chemicals leaking from vehicles, as well as repeat load bearing wear and tear. In coastal regions, parking garages are exposed to airborne salt spray, which can penetrate into concrete and corrode embedded metal reinforcing.

Don’t Let a Small Problem Become a Big One

CSG can perform regular parking garage maintenance inspections. During these inspections, CSG’s team can spot small problems and alert parking garage maintenance personnel to make these small repairs before they become big issues.


Common Parking Garage Maintenance Issues

Some of the most common parking garage maintenance issues CSG finds in the regular
inspections performed are the need for:

  • Concrete Repairs – to patch minor concrete areas without damaging embedded reinforcing bars.
  • Crack and Joint Sealing – unsealed cracks and joints enable water to penetrate into the parking
    garage floor slabs and joints.
  • Sweeping Services – not only do sweeping services keep your parking garage clean, they also
    protect the surface of your garage from foreign objects being embedded leading to unnecessary
    wear and tear.
  • Pressure Washing – keeping the walls of your parking structure free from mold, mildew,
     graffiti and dirt, pressure washing should be an integral part of your parking garage maintenance plan
  • Parking Garage Hydro-Cleaning – With all the vehicle and foot traffic a parking garage
    experiences every day, dirt, oil, grease, and other foreign substances build up on the floor
    surface of your parking garage. Hydro-cleaning is an excellent and environmentally friendly
    way to restore it to a like-new condition.

Service Spotlight: Hydro-cleaning Parking Garages

Looking for a green cleaning solution for your parking garage? Hydro-cleaning can be completed in an effective, efficient and environmentally safe way!  State-of-the-art equipment ensures that contaminates are eliminated and the process has received the EPA’s 100% approval.  What makes the hydro-cleaning process EPA approved is the ability to reclaim, eliminate, and recycle hazardous waste water run-off so that it does not enter into our storm system.  What’s an added benefit to hydro-cleaning? It can be done at any site!

CSG is equipped with a fleet of the most advanced high-pressure water cleaning equipment for hydro-cleaning parking garages. CSG’s high-pressure water cleaning equipment produces up to 4000 psi of pressure and is capable of cleaning in excess of ten thousand square feet per hour. This translates into an ultra quick and ultra clean facility.

CSG personnel are trained in the operation of our high-pressure water blasting, hydro cleaning equipment to ensure a thorough job that adheres to safety requirements while delivering high performance.

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