Retail facilities maintenance, tenant build-out, interior and exterior renovations are typical needs of a building which hosts retail space. While current tenants have a need for a clean and well-maintained space, as tenants move in and out the need for tenant build-out and renovations comes into play as well.

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As a retail space renter, as your business grows, it will begin needing a variety of additions, including more employees, products, and most importantly more space. While you might be able to spend hours designing a layout that will make the best use of your available space, expanding your walls may be an inevitable necessity.


CSG has been providing build out and facility maintenance services to local and national businesses and companies throughout the state of Florida. Over the past two decades, CSG has also established itself as a leading name among build-out maintenance and property construction companies through the entire team’s commitment to providing retail locations, office buildings, restaurants, and warehouses with the highest degree of workmanship and professionalism.

You Are the Most
Important Aspect

When a client comes to CSG for retail facilities maintenance management services, they immediately are greeted with a customer-focuses approach to their project from day one. Every aspect of the job, including your work team and subcontractors, will be customized to ensure the unique needs of your retail facility maintenance are fully met.

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Retail Facilities Maintenance

Keeping shoppers coming back to a retail establishment means one very important thing, more profits. Proper retail facilities maintenance makes sure customers don’t see how a retail facility is maintained, but they certainly can recognize one that is not! Customers expect to see shining floors, spotless restrooms, well-kept fitting rooms, safe and clean parking lots and more. With CSG as your retail facilities maintenance partner, you will get the results you need and your customers won’t even know we’ve been there.

Business as Usual During Retail Maintenance and Renovation

CSG understands that whether you are expanding yoursquare
footage or renovating the existing building, it is important that you can stay open while the work goes on. Before CSG starts any work on your building, your CSG team will meet with your managerial team and observe the traffic patterns of your customers.

As one of the most reliable commercial maintenance companies, CSG does this to reduce any inconvenience to you and your retail business.

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Service Spotlight: Using the Right Contractor for Tenant Build-out

No matter what the structure of the tenant build-out, your project is only as good as your general contractor. After all, the contractor is responsible for the workmanship of the construction, ensuring that all items on the punch list are complete and accurate, and that any updated drawings or changes are handled in the proper manner. Finally, the contactor is responsible for meeting budgetary constraints and keeping the project on a specific timeline.

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