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Did you know that a large percentage of U.S. paved roads, parking lots and driveways are paved with asphalt? Extending the life of asphalt surfaces through Orlando asphalt repairs can save money and time for local government and the businesses that are responsible for their upkeep. In Orlando, asphalt repairs can be made year round due to the mild weather. But the ideal time to take care of the standard maintenance task of pothole repairs and sealcoating asphalt in order to protect this investment from the elements is when an issue first comes to light.

Why Are Orlando Asphalt Repairs Important?

Orlando asphalt repairs prevent the asphalt from further weakening and unraveling due to the penetration of water into the underlying layers of the pavement structure. There are several reasons Orlando pothole repairs are important. For example, filling a pothole is less costly than total asphalt replacement. Also, a properly filled pothole can add years to the life of a pavement surface.

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When Should a Pothole be Repaired?

Orlando asphalt repairs should be made as soon as they are spotted. Avoiding filling a pothole can lead to damage to vehicles, trips and falls and more costly replacement issues.

How Does a Pothole Form?

Cracks in the asphalt allow water to penetrate into the base and sub-grade of the asphalt pavement, which results in pavement breaking apart and potholes forming. One of the best preventative methods you can take against potholes is proper sealcoating.  Sealcoating can prevent moisture from reaching the subsurface and causing potholes


How is the Area Prepped for Orlando Asphalt Repairs?

Before an Orlando asphalt repair can be made, the area needs to be cleaned of any dirt, vegetation or other foreign materials. Depending on the dimensions of a pothole, your paving contractor will normally cut out the asphalt that is at least one foot away from the existing pothole. They will clean out approximately six inches down from the surface so that they reach the subsoil. After adding a new base of compacted aggregate, the hot asphalt can then be compacted on top of the new base to complete the Orlando asphalt repair.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Orlando Asphalt Repair Contractor?

Do-it-yourself pothole repairs can mean a bumpy ride through your facility.  Plus, pothole failures can be attributed to improper preparation of the area, use of the wrong materials, poor workmanship and improper application of the filling materials. When an Orlando pothole repair is not made properly, water can be allowed into the pavement and the potholes can open up again. Hiring an Orlando asphalt repair company with decades of experience and a reputation for providing the highest level of customer service, professional workmanship and services can help avoid the headache of asphalt maintenance.

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