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A Jacksonville porter services are an integral part of a facilities management plan of a commercial building. Jacksonville porter services can be incorporated into a broader scope of commercial facility maintenance services such as sweeping services for a parking lot, bulk debris removal, hydro cleaning and commercial painting. Let’s take a look at some of the specific items a Jacksonville porter service usually covers:

  • Trash Removal. Jacksonville porter services are responsible for removing trash from restrooms, offices, and common areas of a commercial property when needed. The will also reline the trash bins.
  • Jacksonville porter services will disinfect and clean the restrooms, kitchen areas, and other general office space cleaning including dusting, cleaning up of spills, wiping down trash bins, tidying newspaper and magazine stands.
  • Window Washing. Jacksonville porter services will clean your facilities windows to give your business a great first impression.
  • Jacksonville porter services will touch up paint on walls, trim, and doors.

Pretty much everything related to the cleaning and maintenance of a commercial property is provided by Jacksonville porter services; however, each office space is different. A Jacksonville porter services company, like Consolidated Service Group (CSG) can come out to your facility to review your specific service needs to ensure your actual needs are being met.

The Smart Thing to Do

Jacksonville porter services help commercial property owners and managers maintain and keep commercial facilities clean. Not keeping up with the necessary cleaning and repair, the property will start to show wear and customers will notice the dirt, trash, peeling paint, and dirty restrooms. Given a choice, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Why let such a minor thing drive away your business?

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The Jacksonville Porter Services Team Are:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable about cleaning techniques for a variety of surfaces
  • Knowledgeable about the importance of how and when to disinfect and sanitize surfaces
  • Understand how to do their jobs effectively with little or no disruption to the customers or clients of a facility
  • Well versed in the correct use of and have good cleaning equipment
  • Able to utilize non-chemical cleaners and have access to them
  • Able to repair and replace locks, buzzers, outlets, and other small mechanical building items should the need arise
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Concerned with the customers complete satisfaction
  • Able to collaborate with other facilities maintenance or other management and work well with clients, tenants and customers.
  • An asset to any facility.
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