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Tampa porter services are one of the many commercial building services that Consolidated Service Group (CSG) offers to help commercial property owners and managers maintain and keep commercial facilities clean. When an asset manager does not keeping up with the necessary facility cleaning and repair, a property can start to show wear and customers will notice the trash, dirt, peeling paint, and unkempt restrooms. When given a choice, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere. Why let such a minor thing drive away your business?

Tampa porter services are accustomed to working in busy, high traffic areas and are able to manage various types of cleaning and trash removal. Tampa porter services can perform such detailed cleaning tasks such as picking up cigarette butts from flower beds and sidewalks, cleaning the outside of trash cans, not only sweeping but also mopping the buildings elevators and removing cobwebs from places they most likely collect, like stairwells, window sills and in corners of office space. Tampa day porters can also make minor repairs and handle any touch up painting needs for a facility too.

Tampa Porter Services Scope

As part of a commercial building service company, Tampa porter services can be part of an integrated commercial facility maintenance service plan which may include other items such as parking lot sweeping, bulk debris removal, pressure washing and/or commercial painting.
On a daily, weekly or as needed basis, Tampa porter services will:

  • Take out the trash. This includes removing trash from bathrooms, offices, and common areas of a commercial facility. Tampa porter services will also reline trash containers.
  • Perform all types of cleaning. Tampa day porters are experts at disinfecting and cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen areas, and other general office space cleaning which can include dusting, cleaning spills, wiping down trash bins, tidying newspaper and magazine stands.
  • Take care of the window washing. Tampa porter services will leave your windows clean and clear. This gives your business a great first impression.
  • Handle any small painting projects. Tampa porter services can touch up paint on walls, trim, and doors.

Almost everything related to the cleaning and maintenance of public facilities is offered by a Tampa porter service; however, each office space is different so custom Tampa porter services are provided based on the service needs within your facilities.

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Another Thing to Note About Tampa Porters

Tampa day porters are often useful and necessary at a facility where noise restrictions are in force. Often Tampa porter services compliment the powerful, and sometimes noisy, parking lot sweeping trucks. Tampa porter services can sweep alleyways or cleanup areas adjacent to noise-sensitive facilities like hospitals, resorts and restaurants during daylight hours.

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