How Parking Lot Sweeping Helps Your Business

parking lot sweeping servicesBranches, debris and miscellaneous garbage, is that your customers first impression? It may also be their last.

Living in Florida means warm weather, sunshine, and everything from the beach to the swamps. While this may all sound amazing, what also comes with that is a lovely time of year called hurricane season. With this drastic change in whether what comes about are three things:  wind, rain, and debris.

When customers are coming to your business what is the first thing they encounter? The parking lot. With all of the wind and rain, dirt and debris comes into the parking lot. Not just branches and leaves, but other people’s garbage can blow into your lot too leaving your parking lot looking destroyed.

How can parking lot sweeping help you?

1.      Less mess coming inside: Think about it, all of that dirt, leaves, and debris seem like it is not your problem when it is outside; however, it can quickly become an issue when you can follow your customers footprints throughout your building. If your parking lot is not properly tended to, customers step in the mess, bring it inside with them, and leave you not one mess but two.

2.      Saving time and money: Finding a great company to do the job of keeping your parking lot clean reaps two major benefits. The saving of time, your employees can be inside focusing on your customers’ needs instead of outside trying to keep the parking area free from debris. Additionally, this will save you money. The normal wear and tear on the asphalt in the parking lot is exponentially increased when debris is left to linger. Traffic running over this debris adds insult to injury slowing breaking down your parking lot’s asphalt pavement surface.

3.      Ensuring the customers first and last impression is positive. The parking lot is the first and last thing your customer will see as they arrive at your business and when they leave you. A positive experience during their visit it is only increased when they leave through a neat parking lot. On the other hand, it is adversely decreased having to tromp through a mess just to reach their car.

4.      One call does it all. Some parking lot sweeping companies limit their services to running a heavy equipment-sweeping machine through your parking lot on a set schedule. Big branch falls? Not their problem! With a full service commercial facilities management company like CSG, you can get sweeping services and so much more! One call really does do it all. Debris from a heavy storm is obstructing your parking lot? No problem, CSG can help.

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