How to Develop a Facilities Maintenance Plan

Did you know that Consolidated Service Group can help you with ALL of your facilities maintenance issues including putting together a customized facilities maintenance plan?

A comprehensive facilities maintenance plan starts with custom planning. Each facility is different and its needs will vary based on the type of business, amount of building occupants and/or visitors and the actual facility components.  For example, the facilities maintenance needs of an office building with hundreds of employees coming and going each day, utilizing a parking garage, an in-house cafeteria, conference areas and restrooms will differ greatly from the plan needed for an apartment complex. So, the first step in building a custom plan begins with defining the facility’s needs.

Define Your Facilities Needs

Working from the outside in of any facility there will be a few common threads. Most all commercial facilities have parking areas, some have parking lots. These areas must be maintained – the question is what exactly needs to be done?  Well, here are a few items your facility may need:

Exterior Building Services

Will you need any of these services on an ongoing or semi-regular basis?

  • * Parking Lot Maintenance or Sweeping Services?
  • * Asphalt Sealcoating or Repair?
  • * Parking Lot Line Striping, Sealcoating?
  • * Concrete Sidewalks or Curbs?
  • * Bulk Debris Removal?
  • * Pressure Washing or Hydro-Cleaning?
  • * Commercial Painting?

Interior Facilities Maintenance

Now that you’ve developed your list of exterior services, let’s look at the inside of your facility.  Do you need any of these services?

  • * General Maintenance Services
  • * Janitorial Services
  • * Porter Services
  • * Painting
  • * General Contracting

Finding a Solution

With your list of services needed, it’s time to find someone to not only complete these tasks, but manage them in a cost effective manner too. While each of these jobs can be outsourced individually through independent contractors, it can become an overwhelming task to keep track of who’s doing what and when and how much all of this labor and materials will cost. A faster, more cost-effective option would be to trust in a single company that provides complete and custom facilities maintenance services that can tackle all these diverse components.  By contracting with just one company, you save time and money.

Benefits of Working with One Provider

When you put your facilities maintenance into the hands of a single provider, you have one point of contact, your property advisor, not 20 or 30 different contractors. Your property advisor will work with you to review the exterior and interior list you outlined and help you determine if there are any areas you overlooked.

When a specific task is underway, your advisor will notify you every time they are on site through an emailed site inspection notification.

In addition, property advisors will make notes of any issues found on the property, for example, potholes, bulk debris that needs removal, graffiti and so forth. Again, these issues are documented in writing, photographed and sent to you via email before the property advisor departs from the job site.  Having a property advisor is like having an extra set of eyes watching over, and protecting your facility.  With a quick conversation or email to your property advisor, you can discuss a planned course of action for the noted items and can be assured that your facilities needs are being met.

Whether you have one location or hundreds, a personal property advisor can relieve the stress of facilities management by enabling you to work with one senior-level contact that will provide customized solutions, fast answers and quick turnaround.

Commercial Facilities Experts

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) spent the last 20 years building individual companies that specialize in specific commercial exterior building services.  The result is one point of contact that comes with a vast wealth of experience in a variety of commercial facility services.

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