Parking Lot Maintenance Punch List

The most cost-effective solution to maximize the life of almost anything is to keep it in good repair. That notion holds true even when talking about your parking lot.

Parking lot maintenance includes looking after and taking corrective measures for the upkeep of your asphalt. Things to keep on your radar include crack sealing, sealcoating, line stripping, asphalt repair and asphalt patching. The exterior parking lot lighting, fencing, and curbing also fall into this preventative maintenance category. Parking lot maintenance can also extend to include the exterior structure of your building, and encompass items such as graffiti removal, stucco repairs and commercial painting.

Following a simple parking lot maintenance punch list can keep your facilities exterior in top-notch condition. Here’s one that we recommend to our customers:


What to Look Out For

CSG’s Parking Lot Maintenance Punch List

  • Parking Lot Sweeping – Is there trash and debris present on a regular basis?
  • Parking Lot Signage – Are all of the exterior signs present and in good condition?
  • Porter Services – Do the trash bins and cigarette receptacles always seem to be full?
  • Bulk Debris Removal – Is there construction debris, old furniture or appliances present in your parking lot?
  • Graffiti Removal  – Do the walls of your building or parking structure have graffiti?
  • Pressure Washing – Are the sidewalks or walls of your building exceptionally dirty?
  • Hydro-Cleaning – Is your parking garage in need of a good cleaning?
  • Stucco Repair – Are there any spots on your building that are missing chunks of stucco, cracks or patches that need to be repaired?
  • Commercial Painting – Does your facility need to be repainted?
  • Dry Rot Repair – Does any of the wood on the exterior of your building, signs, fencing, or other structures in your parking are have dry rot?
  • Lighting – Are there broken lights in your parking lot or burned out bulbs?
  • Fence Repairs – Is your fence in good condition?
  • Sealcoating and Line Stripping – Can you clearly see the parking lot lines and is your asphalt dark black in color?
  • Asphalt Repairs – Do you have potholes, standing water, or asphalt cracks?
  • Concrete Curbs – Are all of the curbs on your sidewalk in good shape?


Walking the Exterior Saves You Money

On a regular basis, you or your staff should regularly walk the exterior of your building and throughout your parking lot. Signs of deterioration, mold, trash or other items in poor repair not only reflect poorly on your facility, but can also end up costing a lot of money if let go for too long. It’s cheaper to make simple repairs now, than to wait and have to replace or make large repairs later.

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