Why Exterior Building Maintenance is a Good Idea

Exterior building maintenance should be included in the budget for every commercial property. Unfortunately, there is not usually a cut and dried response to how much maintenance will need to be done and how often. This is why it’s imperative to implement and follow a regular maintenance schedule.

The entire focus of any exterior building maintenance program should be to prevent moisture from entering the building. The products and components designed for roofs and walls, including windows are intended to withstand the forces of Mother Nature for a specific period of time. Nothing lasts forever by itself.

As moisture infiltrates a building structure, not only will it cause aesthetic damage to both the exterior and interior of a property, it can also cause structural damage unless the damage is caught and remedied early. As if this weren’t cause enough for concern, moisture in a building can lead to the growth of toxic mold.

Will You Be Reactive or Pro-Active?

When designing an exterior building maintenance plan, you have two choices. The first option is for your plan can be what’s call “reactive”. In this type of maintenance program, when things are either broken or become an eyesore – they are fixed. A reactive maintenance program can result in a larger repair or replacement cost, and here’s why:  Once a problem is identified or deemed to be unsightly it may have been left unchecked or unresolved for months. For example, a small leak, left unnoticed or unchecked has now damaged not only a few ceiling tiles, but the interior drywall, paint, carpet, electronics and office furniture when the ceiling collapsed under the weight of the water.

While this type of exterior building maintenance plan is appealing because annual costs may remain low, the potential for disaster is higher. The reality of the situation is that the property is going to become run down from lack of regular maintenance or, not able to afford a necessary capital improvement that suddenly arises.

The second option would be to develop a pro-active program. This type of plan identifies the immediate, the near future, and the long-term needs of the property, the potential costs associated with those needs and budgeting the funds necessary to satisfy those needs. A pro-active or preventative maintenance program can be looked at like an insurance policy. Regular, periodic inspections, investments and small repairs can result in large capital projects being delayed. Because the structure is well cared for, small fixes do not have the chance to develop into large catastrophes.

Exterior Building Maintenance Experts

Consolidated Service Group (CSG) spent the last 20 years building individual companies that specialize in specific commercial exterior building services.  The result is one point of contact that comes with a vast wealth of experience in a variety of commercial facility services.  With offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, CSG’s portfolio of commercial facility services enable our clients the convenience of working with a single provider for all their commercial property needs. Contact CSG today at 866-793-3735 or visit our website at https://www.csgcamservices.com for an online proposal.

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