Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Last month we discussed the importance of preventative maintenance (PM) plans. Here’s a checklist to help you get your own facilities PM plan started.

If you’ve never really thought about preventative maintenance, or even if it’s on your mind 24/7 – we’ve put together a checklist to help you easily run down through a list of all of the nooks and crannies of your facility. Even for those more experienced in PM, you never know – you have been missing something at some point. Take a few minutes and wander around your office space with this list. A regularly schedule inspection, coupled with simple repairs can help reduce the impact and frequency of equipment failures, structural problems, and other costly maintenance issues at a facility.

• Sinks
o Leaking Faucets
o Leaking Water Lines
o Leading Drain Lines
• Toilets
o Broken Tank Covers
o Broken Toilet Seats
o Proper Flushing
• Drinking Fountains
o Proper Water Temperature
• Fixture Caulking
• Water Heater(s)
• Floor Drains

• Exit Lighting
• Interior Lighting
• Exterior Lighting
• Timer/Photo Cell
• Cover Plates
• Exhaust Fans

Life Safety
• Emergency/Exit Lighting
• Fire Sprinklers
• Fire Alarm System
• Extinguishers Current
• Security System
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors

• Filters Changed
• Evaporators / Air Conditioners Cleaned
• T-stat(s) Functioning
• Exhaust Fans

• Range/Oven Elements
• Refrigeration/Freezer operation, temps, door gaskets, lights
• Refrigeration/Freezer – clean coils
• Range Vent Hood – inspect, clean filters
• Grease Trap
• Disposal
• Floor Drain
• Sink Drain
• Kitchen Faucets
• Freezer
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Dishwasher
• Washer
• Dryer & Vent/exhaust – repair, inspect, clean

Building Interior
• Broken Windows
• Windows Operational
• Painting
• Baseboards
• Door Casings
• Casework Secure
• Interior Doors
• Exterior Doors
• Door Locks
• Door Closures
• Ceiling
• Door Stops
• Window Locks
• Entry Lock Latches
• Carts and Shelving
• Mold/Moisture
• Pest Issues Inspect & Report
• Entry – Change Access Code

Building Exterior
• Signs – inspect, repair, lights
• Downspouts Clear
• Gutters – Clean
• Exterior Paint
• Broken Concrete
• Asphalt Repair
• Parking Lot Striping
• Sealcoating Asphalt
• Screens/Guards
• Drainage System
• Roof – inspect/repair, clean drains, remove toys
• Emergency 800# – window & door stickers

• Fencing
• Gates
• Gate Locks
• Wire Ties
• Bottom Rail
• End Caps

• Trees/Shrubs – inspect and report
• Lawns – inspect and report
• Irrigation System

• Surfacing and Fall Zone
• Equipment Sacking
• Catch Points
• Protrusion Issues
• Entrapment Issues
• Pinch, Crush and Shear
• Tripping Hazards
• Equipment – Guardrails
• Equipment – General Conditions

Benefits of Implementing a Preventative Maintenance Plan Include:
• Equipment downtime is decreased
• Number of major repairs is reduced
• Better conservation of assets
• Increased life expectancy of assets – eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment
• Reduced overtime costs
• More economical use of maintenance workers
• Fewer large-scale repairs
• Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone.

If you need help with conducting, implementing or making repairs to items on this or any other PM checklist, be sure to contact CSG today.

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